Do you want a fresh perspective, more clarity, and increased confidence in knowing you have what it takes?


Improved Professional Performance


Improved Leadership Ability


Improved Time Management and Efficiency

Coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. Women who hire a coach dramatically improve their outlook on life and work while enhancing their leadership skills and unlocking their potential. 

Coaching Options

120 Minute Intensive Session

Do you ever need a quick coaching session to help you navigate an immediate issue? If so, the 120 Minute Intensive Session is just what you need! Just send me a text and we will book a two-hour session. These a la-carte sessions are zero commitment and zero fuss (plus it will help you get a feel for my coaching style).

One-On-One Coaching

Learn a new way to examine the present. With a one-on-one coaching session we can explore what is possible and determine how to set and accomplish goals.

Leadership Evaluations

I offer several leadership assessments that help identify your skill set. Once we determine what tools will benefit you, we marry these tools with your objectives to create long-lasting, powerful results. My leadership evaluations include:

  • DISC Personality Insight
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQP)
  • Positive Intelligence (PQI)
  • Korn Ferry 360 Assessment 
  • Leadership Assessment 
  • Strengths Finder Assessment
  • Defining Motivators

 Group Coaching

Leadership isn’t about obedience; it’s about understanding. Your team will work at its highest capacity when everyone feels empowered and has control over work requirements.  Learn a simple leadership approach that enables every team member to follow their ambitions while contributing to the group.   Everyone has a unique perspective and a different set of values and understanding the difference can be your greatest strength.

Empowerment Workshops

  • Branding Workshop: Does your Brand Speak You?
  • How to best utilize 360 Feedback
  • The art of effective communication and active listening
  • Creating a coaching culture