Do you feel that you have too much to juggle with your career and family? Are you struggling to live up to the high standards and pressure at work while remaining balanced, focused, and true to yourself in the process? I know you have, I have been there, too. Are you ready for that next big step?

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I’m Coach Michele, and I help wonderful women like you take charge of their personal and professional lives and pursue your passions and purpose. I believe you need a purpose to live life to the fullest, and I am here to help you discover yours!   
As a senior leader at Apple for 30 years, I’m well aware of the challenges women leaders face. I’ve had many successes, failures, and setbacks in my personal and professional life. It’s all about how you handle the good and the bad. That’s how I discovered my passion for coaching and helping women gain the confidence, clarity, and focus they need to make the changes they
desire. I am passionate to help you overcome any challenges you face and find long-lasting personal and professional fulfillment… in 4 easy steps! 

My coaching process is simple and easy to follow.

  • First, we gain clarity and insight into what you really want in your personal life and career, what change you want to manifest, who, and where you want to be. 
  • Then, we’ll explore what prevents you from achieving your vision. We discover and remove the obstacles and roadblocks on your way and the beliefs that are sabotaging your success. 
  • Next, we move to action! Together we create a plan that will bring you where you want to be most efficiently and sustainably. 
  • Finally, the last and most crucial step is to appreciate and celebrate what you have achieved!
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Client Experiences

  • “Michele is a true coach and facilitator. She lives up to every bit of “Insight 2 Empower” by creating awareness and guiding you with a helpful hand. Michele is patient, intuitive and a world full of wisdom. She listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface. The transition from Corp to Entrepreneur was almost seamless (once I got out of my way). Within a short period of time, I was on my way to creating not one but two successful businesses. If you are seeking results, Michele Tevis is your person. My heart is full of gratitude, Thank you Michele!” 🙏 
    — Liz Perez


  • “I have the privilege to share my experience when I worked with coach, Michele Tevis.  Through Michele’s ability to help me uncover and see things I was able to take an honest look at where I was in life but more importantly where I wanted to go. There was no “blame or shame” involved.  It was a pure honest reflection that she guided to help me see things I hadn’t in the past. Michele’s communication is open, gentle, vulnerable and is focused on moving forward and not on harboring issues from the past. Through her guided interview of questions she was able to put me on a path of clarity and peace. I would highly recommend anyone to gain the insight and guidance from Michele Tevis’s amazing coaching ability.”
    — Sue C.
  • “Michele was able to provide the insight and guidance that I was looking for in a professional coach. She constantly presented material that was relevant and allowed me to challenge my current situation in an effort to stimulate ideas and explore opportunities for growth. I was extremely excited to work with Michele as she has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled to other coaches I was looking for.” 
    — Greg
  • “Working with Michele from the first day felt like we had been employed together for years. She has an amazing capacity to understand the core of a challenge and drive to a solution. Over years of working with her, she was a resource that I counted on for mentorship and coaching through many situations. I have seen Michele with others and through questions and coaching allowing them to solve their problems and meet their goals. When not working closely on projects Michele still had the ability to coach at all levels in a formal or informal role to drive the success of the organization.”
     — Sean C.